A basic guide to car door lock systems

A basic guide to car door lock systems

When using a car, you have done many times when using the car door, so you know how the car lock system works yet?

1. The methods that unlock the car are popular

Currently, there are 6 ways to lock and unlock popularly on models:

  • With the key.
  • By pressing the “unlock” button in the car.
  • By encryption key (numeric key) outside.
  • By pulling the knob above, inside the door.
  • By remote control.
  • By signal from control panel.

Some vehicles have electric door locks, “lock” and “unlock” switches actually send electrical signals to the actuators to unlock the door. However, some systems have better synergies, so there are ways to lock and open the doors and the center console will decide when to open the door.
The central control block is a computer in your car. It covers even the smallest things to make your car more user-friendly; for example, it keeps the lights in the car on until the car starts up or it prompts you with a “beep” sound when it leaves the headlights on or the keys in the lock.

In case of electric door lock, the control unit monitors all sources of “lock” and “unlock” signals. It will monitor all interruptions to the opening code and automatically open when the correct code is received. The system also detects radio frequencies and turns on automatically when it receives the correct number from the transmitter in your hand and also checks the switches inside the car. When receiving signals from any source, it provides power to the actuator to close and open the car door.

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2. Structure of car door locking system

In the car, the electric door lock mechanism is installed under the door latch. One hard rod connects the mechanism to the door latch, and another connects the latch with a knob that protrudes above the door.

When the mechanism moves the door latch up, it connects to the door handle so that it can be fully open mechanically. When the shutter latch is down, the outside door handle is not mechanically connected to the system, so the door cannot be opened. To unlock, the control unit powers the door lock device for a moment.

A: Connecting bar with latch to open the door; B: Fasteners; C: Executive structure

3. Inside the structure of the car door locking system

This system is quite simple. A small electric motor spins a series of cylindrical gears to reduce speed. The final gear drives a sprocket connected to the hard brace. The rack converts the electric motor’s rotation into a straight motion that moves the lock pin.

Another interesting thing about this mechanism is that the electric motor can rotate the gears and displace the key. But, if you lift the latch, the electric motor can no longer spin. This is done by a centrifugal type automatic clutch that connects the gears to the electric motor.
As the electric motor spins the gears, the clutch connects the small metal gear to the larger plastic gear, allowing the electric motor to link to the door latch. If you lift the pin, all the gears will still spin, except for the plastic gear due to the clutch holding onto it.

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Sometimes when you accidentally forget the key in the car and lock the shutter, you need to know a very effective tool to unlock, which is a thin strip of metal with a flat trailer (can use the small shirt trailer itself aluminum). A vertical movement from any door opener or ignition lock mechanism to the lock is all that is needed to open and close the lock. The unlocking ends when the metal strip touches the point where the door opener or ignition lock is connected. That is all the key to the car door locking system.

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