9 tips guide to help you save gas when traveling in the car

9 tips guide to help you save gas when traveling in the car

Do you know how to save gas for your car? It will save you economically as well as protect the environment.

1. Drive at a sufficient speed

If you use a car, you should drive at a reasonable speed, for example when driving at 90 km / h instead of 105 km / h on the highway will help save fuel. This driving tip will save you 10 to 15% in fuel consumption for the vehicle.

2. Lightly throttle and brake slowly

Many car owners often drive quite quickly when they just start the car, which causes the car to accelerate suddenly, as well as sudden braking, braking will cause the car to degrade quickly but also cause gas consumption. Therefore, try to press the gas slowly when starting to drive, then brake lightly and steadily when stopping.

3. Do not start the engine while waiting

Current cars do not need to start and wait before running as before, so you should drive immediately, if you stop for more than 30 seconds, it is best to turn off the engine.

4. Check the tires regularly

Soft tires will cost the car more gas, so you should check the tires, if young, pump to enough pressure. The car will operate more smoothly and save more gas when the tires are full, the amount of fuel will save 3% to 4%.

5. Maintain the vehicle regularly

Regular maintenance of the car helps the car to run better, is more durable and also helps to reduce fuel consumption. You should check and replace the air filter of your car engine, as well as bring your car to the garage for periodic inspection.

6. Reduce vehicle weight

An easy way to help save fuel costs is to remove all the unnecessary items on the car. When the vehicle weight is reduced, it will go faster, and the fuel consumption will be less.

7. Limit your use of air conditioners

If you want to reduce gas consumption, you should limit your use of the air conditioner, or turn on it moderately. When the temperature is above 26 degrees C to 60 degrees C, it will save you 10 to 15% fuel.

8. Close all windows when running at high speed

If you run more than 80 km / h, you should not open the windows, because opening the windows will increase the aerodynamics and reduce the fuel economy.

9. Refuel when the dial indicator is low

Ideally, you should refuel when the indicator runs out, but do not wait for the red gas needle to completely finish. This is not good for the pump, as well as the fuel filtration system. If this situation occurs frequently, it will damage the above systems.

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